Hi everyone! This page is for community leaders only as we want to keep the challenges secret until the day they have to be performed by participants.

Here are the ten challenges:

Day 1: Take a picture of a community that represents learning to you!
Day 2: Take a picture of something (a book, an article, a place) that has changed your mind about education in the metaverse!
Day 3: Take a picture of a place or object that helps you clear your head for innovative thinking!
Day 4: Take a picture of your productivity space (computer setup or office, etc.)!
Day 5: Take a picture of a Twitter profile that has helped you learn a ton about the space!
Day 6: Take a picture of an activity that de-stresses you after learning or teaching!
Day 7: Take a picture of a Tweet created by you about what the future of education should be.
Day 8: Take a virtual selfie of your avatar in a metaverse environment!
Day 9: Take a picture of a meme created by you, about education.
Day 10: Take a picture of a badge designed by you, that represents learning in the metaverse.