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30 day challenges

The ultimate 30 day challenge builder
you didn’t know you needed.

How it works

  1. Start challenge
  2. Do it free and share with friends for accountability
  3. Stake money for extra motivation
  4. People who staked make money from failed challenges 🔃
30 day challenge builder start screen - pick your challenge
Add extra incentive to do your challenge - totally optional, challenges can be done free
Check in to your challenge from anywhere

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?
It’s free if you want.
How do you know if I did my challenge?
Every challenge gets a unique page that you can bookmark and check in to from anywhere.

Get the results you crave in 30 days or less.

Guaranteed or your money back.
(You get your money back anyway)

Don’t know what to do?

30 day challenge ideas

Learn to code challenge

Learn to code

Practice in Codecademy 30-minutes a day
Socialize challenge
Improve social skills

Talk to 1 stranger a day

Meditation challenge

Reduce anxiety

15-minutes daily silent meditation

Fitness challenge
Get fit
30 burpees a day
Act of kindness challenge
Become a saint
Do 1 random act of kindness a day
Productivity challenge

Start a side business

Work on it for 30-minutes a day
Gratitude challenge

Get happy

Write 3 things you’re grateful for daily
Cooking challenge
Become a good cook
Make at least one meal a day yourself
Cut spending challenge
Grow your savings
Cut daily spending by $10
Quit sugar challenge
Live longer
Eat less sugar – cut dessert for 30 days
Reading challenge
Grow your perspective
Read 25 pages a day
Learn a language challenge
Learn a language
Practice in Duolingo for 10-minutes a day

Commit Club is a beautifully designed platform that seamlessly became part of my daily routine once I started my first challenge. Innovative use of tech for personal progress and betterment.

Brett Cohen

Brett Cohen
Executive Director, Production & Event Partnerships at Forbes

Checking in every day and knowing I’m not alone in this journey has allowed me to create positive long lasting systems. Plus, I’d rather not lose any money, which is a pretty dope incentive.

Ollie Rutherford

Ollie Rutherford
CEO & Co-founder at UniRise

I was out driving all day and when I got home I was super tired. The last thing I wanted to do was my challenge, but with my stake on the line I sprung off the couch and got it done!

Luis Hurtado

Luis Hurtado
Producer & Animator

Go it alone or do it in a group

Host a 30 day challenge
with your community

Host a
30 day challenge
with your community

A 30 day challenge done as a community. This group challenge is doing burpees every day
A 30 day challenge done as a community. This group challenge is doing burpees every day

Avoid the analysis paralysis.

Start a 30 day challenge today.