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Commit to Yourself

Build new habits and reach big goals through the power of social accountability and cold hard cash

Hero Challenge Cards

How it works

1. Do it free or pledge money on your success

Pledge and make money from failed challenges

2. Get accountability partners

Name friends to hold you accountable

3. Check in

Check in daily to get your pledge back

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

It’s free for solo challenges.

How do you know if I did my challenge?
Every challenge gets a unique page that you can bookmark and check in to from anywhere.

Can I get daily reminders?

Yes! We send you and accountability partners daily reminder emails. We also give optional calendar reminders.

Building habits in the present allows you to do more of what you want in the future.
-James Clear

Engage your team
with a daily challenge

With competition for talent so fierce, why not improve the people you’ve got?

Commit Club uses gamification, loss aversion, and collaboration to make your coworkers better in ways that move the bottom line. Learn more.

A workforce 30 day challenge with a community board, rules, and statuses
A workforce 30 day challenge with a community board, rules, and statuses
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Popular challenges

Learn to code challenge

Learn to code

Practice in Codecademy 30-minutes a day

Meditation challenge

Reduce anxiety

15-minutes daily silent meditation

Marketing practice challenge
Boost marketing
20-minutes daily practice of Udemy’s copywriting course
Daily stretching challenge

Get sick less

Stretch 10-minutes a day

Random act of kindness challenge
Become a saint

Do 1 random act of kindness a day

Sales practice challenge
Get more customers

5-minutes daily sales practice

Gratitude journaling challenge

Get happy

Write 3 things you’re grateful for daily

Daily Tweeting challenge
Get a personal audience

Tweet daily

Daily cooking challenge
Become a good cook

Make at least one meal a day yourself

Language learning challenge
Learn a language

Practice in Duolingo for 10-minutes a day

No sugar challenge
Live longer

Cut processed sugar for 30 days

Daily reading challenge
Grow your perspective

Read 25 pages a day

Commit Club is a beautifully designed platform that seamlessly became part of my daily routine once I started my first challenge. Innovative use of tech for personal progress and betterment.

Brett Cohen

Brett Cohen
Executive Director, Production & Event Partnerships at Forbes

Checking in every day and knowing I’m not alone in this journey has allowed me to create positive long lasting systems. Plus, I’d rather not lose any money, which is a pretty dope incentive.

Ollie Rutherford

Ollie Rutherford
CEO & Co-founder at UniRise

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Join the club.
Commit to yourself:

Meditate Learn to code Quit sugar Study Cold showers Exercise Practice gratitude Read daily Quit smoking Learn a language Run Journal Intermittent fasting Wake up early Learn to cook Daily focused work