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Health, wellness, and upskilling challenges for your workforce

Incentivize employee improvement with gamified company challenges.
A workforce 30 day challenge with a community board, rules, and statuses
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Become More Effective

Commit Club uses loss aversion, collaboration, and positive peer pressure to make your workforce better in ways that move the bottom line.

A workforce 30 day challenge with a community board, rules, and statuses
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How it works

  1. Pick a daily challenge for your employees.
  2. Pick a minimum monetary pledge.
  3. Participants check in and are held accountable by peers and loss aversion.
  4. Successful participants get praise and their pledge returned.
  5. Unsuccessful participants forfeit their pledges to successful participants and appear in the incomplete section. They can try again to redeem themselves.
  6. Growth is stimulated and employees improve.
Configure settings for your workforce challenge by choosing duration and minimum commitment
Participant check in page for the challenge, giving option to share and add a journal entry
The community board shows who has succeeded, who is still in progress, and who didn't follow through

If you can get 1% better each day for one year, you’ll end up 37 times better by the time you’re done.

-James Clear

Popular team challenges

Do daily language training to have your team tap into foreign markets

Learn a language

Practice in Duolingo for 10-minutes a day
Reduce sickness and ailments by keeping your team healthy with daily exercise

Get sick less

30 burpees a day

Teach your team to code with a daily programming challenge

Learn programming

Practice in Codecademy 30-minutes a day
Improve team composure in complex scenarios through a daily meditation challenge
Improve composure
15-minutes daily silent meditation
Boost everybody's energy with a challenge that reminds people to drink more water
Boost energy
Drink more water each morning and afternoon
Walk 10,000 steps a day challenge
Brighten attitude
Walk 10,000 steps a day
Improve employee marketing skills through a marketing training challenge
Enhance marketing skills
20-minutes daily practice of Udemy’s copywriting course
Reduce exhaustion in the workplace by going to sleep before 11 PM each night

Reduce workplace exhaustion

Go to sleep by 11 PM each night
Read 25 pages a day of a business book to enhance your staff's business acumen
Heighten decision making
Read 25 pages a day of a business book
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