Why are we doing this? What’s the long-term goal?

We imagine Commit Club becoming the primary layer for creating community and single-player challenges.

Community challenges are already a “thing,” with no immediate solution for building, hosting, and managing them. This is what we’re solving while simultaneously growing the space.

Anybody can create community challenges on Commit Club, either through our website or by creating their own site and hooking it to our layer.

While we’re starting with daily, there will be various challenge types and reward and accountability options.

These will range from certifications, trophies, and badges for rewards to app, witness, and wearable integrations for accountability.

By relying on 1. loss aversion, 2. rewards, 3. gamification, and 4. social possibilities, Commit Club provides incentives and motivation to stick with and accomplish anything.

Who are we?

Edward Sturm headshot

Edward Sturm


Leon Grapenthin headshot

Leon Grapenthin


Alexander Vilinskyy headshot

Alexander Vilinskyy


Edward is a self-improvement fanatic. He’s done numerous 30-day challenges. He’s been meditating every day for the last ten years. He does daily cold showers, workouts, language learning, reading, and more. These are habits built up over time through intentional commitments to himself.

Leon’s always loved productivity tools, getting his first personal digital assistant at 11-years-old. Creating a platform to track commitments and activity is something he’s been interested in since 2012.

Alexander has had an interest in productivity since childhood. Through life, he’s worked on managing his discipline by power of will and commitments to himself and others. Each year he seeks to raise the bar on his goals so that he sees continual improvements in a systematic way.

Throughout the years, Edward has had people tell him they want to exercise daily like him or meditate daily like him, only to give up after the first week. Likewise, Leon, who teaches programming, has seen his share of students unable to discipline themselves and commit. As for Alexander; he’s constantly asked how he reached his status in design.

It’s our belief that people can accomplish anything through daily practice. For this reason, we’re all committed to Commit Club.