Daily Activity Tracker App

Use Commit Club as a daily activity tracker app to log what you do every day.

Name what you want to track and choose how many days. It’s that easy.

You can share your logs, get daily reminders, and use the app from anywhere in the world.

Change your life by keeping track of your activities.

Tracking in a daily activity tracker app improves life in a variety of ways: save time and money, build positive habits, or cut the bad habits that do not add to your well-being

Use across all devices from anywhere in the world

Use online from any web browser across any device and location.

Bookmark your activity logs for easy access.

Commit Club is accessible across all geographies and is made for all devices: mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Each log gets an optional public share page that can be viewed without an account – also from any location and device.

Do in-depth tracking of your activities daily in the built in journal section

Track what you do to improve yourself

Build or cut habits, identify opportunities to save time and money, and generally improve yourself through daily tracking.

The best way to start a habit is to do it every day. Start small. Grow over time. Be consistent. Make tracking your activities the habit of choice.

Tracking helps embrace what’s important to you in a thoughtful and achievable way. It also helps you identify bad habits and patterns that you may have not previously noticed.

Track at the end of the day to realize what you’re doing well and what you can improve upon.

Share your activity logs

Each activity log is shareable with friends, family, and others who can help you stick to your commitments and identify opportunities for improvement.

Activity logging software has many advantages, and sharing is a big one.

Get all types of reminders

Commit Club offers several different types of reminders.

Get email reminders that nudge you in the afternoon or only if you’re about to miss your day.

Have reminders sent to friends and family so they can hold you accountable as well.

Download a calendar event so you see your tracking reminder each day on your calendar.

Download a calendar reminder so you remember to track your activities each day
Pledge on your ability to follow through with tracking so you have extra incentive to log your activities each day - alternatively use free and receive all the same features

Add optional monetary incentives so you don’t miss a day

For some, gentle nudges and reminders aren’t enough.

You can pledge money on your ability to track every day so you commit for real.

Every day you track and do what you commit to, you get a portion of your committed money back. If you miss a day, whatever you haven’t gotten back is distributed to everybody else who is doing their commitment. If you complete your commitment, you get your entire pledge back.

This is the ultimate incentive. Nobody wants to lose, and monetary commitment devices are some of the most potent motivators out there.

See what other people are tracking

Jump over to the community section to see what other people have been successful with. Get inspiration for activities to track and commit to, and improve yourself every day with a group of like-minded people.

Join the Commit Club Discord to meet others who are working on themselves and find even more accountability partners than just friends and family.

Join a community of like-minded trackers and self-improvement individuals on Discord

Start tracking today

Commit to tracking your daily activities and change your life. Getting started and following through has never been easier.