Live to Earn

Live to earn, meaning to earn money by doing what you normally do, is possible on Commit Club through challenges, staking Ether cryptocurrency, and then living your life.

It takes under 5-minutes to set up and all that’s required is that you have Ether (ETH) in a Web3 compatible wallet such as MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet.

Create a challenge for something you normally do or try to improve yourself with a new positive habit, then stake Ether and check in daily. Every day you check in you get your Ether back as well as Ether from people who have lost challenges.

100% of your Ether is always returned to you for completing your challenge.

Live to earn with Commit Club by earning money for what you normally do, like brushing your teeth
Do a challenge for anything - set the greatest goals or aim for the most mundane habits

Create a challenge

Start by creating a challenge. You can do a challenge for something you would like to incorporate into your life, such as meditating, exercising, or reading more – or you can do a challenge for something you normally would do, such as brushing your teeth.

Next, choose how long your challenge will be.

If you’re trying to develop a new positive habit, 30 days is recommended. The first few days may be tough, but then it will get easier, and eventually, you’ll start doing the habit with a lot less effort than you used at the beginning. The brain is like a muscle; the more you do something, the easier it becomes.

If you choose a challenge that you would normally do, such as washing your hands, then you can do a longer duration as less effort is required.

Stake Ether and get Ether from lost challenges

Staking is what provides the live to earn functionality.

Stake Ether on your own ability to do your challenge. Every day you check in and say you did your challenge, you get a portion of your stake back. By completing your challenge, you get your entire stake back.

If you miss a day then you lose the Ether you have not earned back. This gets distributed to everybody who’s successful with their challenge. Rewards are distributed daily so you can earn even while completing your challenge.

Lost Ether is given proportionately so the more you stake, the more you can earn.

Choose the duration for your challenge and how much you want to commit - the more you commit, the more you earn
Your wallet shows all the money you've earned as well as deposits and withdrawals

Deposit and withdraw Ether

After setting up the challenge, all that’s left is to deposit the amount of Ether you specify. There is an approximate blockchain “gas” fee of $1.50 to do this. This money goes to the Ethereum blockchain, not to Commit Club.

At any point during your challenge or another challenge, you can withdraw your Ether and what you have earned. You can see all your transactions and rewards in the wallet section of Commit Club and withdraw there.

When you withdraw you will have to pay one more $1.50 blockchain gas fee.

No username or email required

Once Ether is deposited, your challenge begins the next day.

Usernames and emails are optional. By adding your email you can get daily reminders to do your challenge.

All that’s needed to do your challenge is Ether and a Web3 wallet.

Failing your challenge

If you fail your staked challenge, the Ether you have not earned back is distributed to everybody who is checking in to their challenge. Ether is given relatively to what people have staked so if you stake more, you can earn more.

Commit Club gives daily check in reminders both through email and with a calendar event download – so you can be reminded a ton to do your challenge!

To continue supporting users and developing the platform, Commit Club takes a small percentage of failed challenge Ether, with the remaining amount going to everybody successful.

If you complete your challenge you’re ensured to get 100% of your stake returned to you, minus the deposit and withdrawal gas fee.

Get email reminders and calendar reminders so you don't miss your challenge and forfeit your stake
Earn rare bonus NFT trophies and badges

Bonus trophies for checking in

You can also earn bonus NFT trophies and badges for checking in.

These NFTs are on a blockchain that with no expensive “minting” fees so they are completely free to earn.

If you want to trade or auction off your NFT for money, you can pay the Ethereum blockchain fees to move it to the Ethereum Mainnet, where it can then be sold and traded on NFT platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible.

Share your challenge

Share your challenge with friends and family for extra support and motivation. Challenges are made to share with a preview on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, messengers, etc.

You can also join the Commit Club community on Discord where you can share what you’re up to, get support, and request new features.

Challenges are made to be shareable so you can get cheered on to complete your goals and earn

Takes under 5-minutes to start

Creating your challenge takes under 5-minutes.

Stake Ether on yourself and make Ether when others fail.